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Meet the secrets of a successful treatment of Fibrosis

The most common complication after esthetic surgeries can be tackled! Be the best professional in your neighborhood to offer a solution for Fibrosis.

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You will be able to delivery these results to your customers in a few sessions.

What will I perform with excellence by learning this method?

What will I be benefited by and what will my customers get?

You will carry out an updated methodology which matches with the newest tendencies of the sector.
Your customers will lay down on your massage table to have an efficient an quick treatment, time-saving and incredible capable to improve skin appearance in a very short period of attendance. Go for it and meet your client expectations!
You will build more than customer relationships, you will do quality network! Meet and offer partnerships to surgeons of local hospitals or clinics. Let them know what are you capable of!

New faces popping up + new partnership = to better revenues and more positive word of mouth being built in proper nests.

Delighted customers on board are more keen to buy new services.
Stand out and grow in the esthetic field.

What is Fibrosis and how could my customers and I be benefited by the treatment that will be carried out?

As part of the healing process after surgeries adhesions can be built up unproperly and under the skin hard lumps could be noticed. Visibly not satisfactory but hopefully with huge chances of being improved providing great appearance after the treatment.

Being the treatment successfully done the surgery results are not compromised and both, surgeon and patient are to rely on your services.

My techniques joined to the appropriate time on massage table and experience of years will bring awesome results to any part of the body that Fibrosis occurred.

Doesn’t matter when your customer underwent surgery procedures. There will be a satisfied client when you finish the treatment. Only possible because you will find at this course the best and effective practices.

For whom is my course developed and designed?

What do our students expected and are now saying about this course?

What will I learn by taking Manu Bernardi’s course?


How is Fibrosis built up?

Why is Fibrosis different in each body? Why do some people have less recovering time and others no?

Where is Fibrosis located?

When does Fibrosis start showing up? In which moment could I start treating my customer Fibrosis?

How is fibrosis classified?

How could I properly evaluate my customer conditions?

Customer guidance to be provided.

Quantity of suitable sessions.

What could I use for treatment?

Practing through technical demonstration:

Hands on

Esthetic equipments


How Will I learn this methodoly?

How much money could I ask for each session?

2 sold sessions a day costing USD 100 each will end at USD 1000 within 5 days. As profitable as I mentioned to you early this page.

The good reason to take the course? The investment will take less than the value of a session you will be selling!

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