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Be an expert in Body-Inch Reduction Treatments by learning Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage image and get your agenda fully booked boosting your monthly incomes.

Find out in the following video how our 9k students in 45 countries obtained great success and lifted their businesses and careers.
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Tell me, Which customers wouldn’t be delighted with such great body improvements and inch reduction?

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Bum lifting and contouring

Have a look at the before and after from the left to the right.

Auto Lymphatic Drainage

The course provides the method to be performed in customers and also teaches you how to do it by yourself in your body. You deserve the best you also give to your clients.

crecimiento PROFESIONAL?

Grupo secreto de alumnas con clases extra para hacer crecer tu negócio.

Este método es el más solicitado en Brasil y en muchos otros países. Si quieres iniciar tu negocio en estética o completar tu agenda con clientes qie siempre vuelven para más sesiones, debes incluirlo en tu cartera de tratamientos.

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What will you learn in our Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Course?

For many aestheticians and beauty workers the proper return on investments is a faraway dream and too good to be true. However, many professionals do not apply the knowledge they need to stand out.

Our techniques will provide you the right knowledge to perform well in good time reducing fatigue and improving hand skills. As a result, better time management and work excellence.

This is exactly what I’m going to teach you, to brave women and professionals keen to learn the best practices in Lymphatic Drainage.

Every day you increase the possibility of getting more customers inside your SPA or work space

Every day many women are seeking for inch reduction somehow
Every day there are many women nearby thinking of how to get rid of cellulitis
Every day there are many women that underwent surgical procedures and need post-operative care. The Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage is also a post-operative treatment!
Every day pregnant women around you or nearby are looking for swelling reduction.

Customers! Customers! Customers!

What is the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage?

For those that do not know yet, the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage is a hand massage which takes no aesthetic gadget and benefits people by reducing liquid retention. Important to remind you that it does not reduce fat as many people believe! Because the inch reduction is so impressive it may cause a misunderstanding. Of course, not you who knows already it.

Also, the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage improves the orange peel appearance of cellulitis, helps the immune system and get rid of chronic swelling. As a consequence the body inch reduction is noticed straightaway after sessions as you have never seen before.

All benefits introduced here will allow you to offer immediate results to your customers and engage more people to take your services. The result of it you know, more cash in your pocket by the end of the month!

The Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage method works legs, arms, back and abdomen + our bonus Bum Contouring presented early in this page.

How does the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Online Course work?

You will have access to recorded videos and learn with me whatever place you are. At the moment you enroll your access will be provided for 120 days, more than enough time to learn and review all videos and practices of Manu Bernardi. When you course is finished and you are already able to perform the method you will automatically receive your certificate of attendance.

Important to notice that the course is recorded in Portuguese Language and English subtitled. Nothing to worry about as the aesthetic language and practices are universal ! Made as easy as you deserve to learn quickly and well.

What learners have said after the course has been taken

The 10 main benefits provided by our techniques

Incredible body-inch reduction still in the first taken session.

Orange peel appearance substantially reduced

Body contouring addressing specific areas where conventional techniques wouldn’t be effective

Bum Contouring – Outline in a magnificent way!

Made for pregnant women as well

Improves blood circulation

Developed to be performed before and after people undergo aesthetic surgeries.

Say goodbye to toxins!

Diminish leg swelling

Can be associated with other esthetic procedures

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✅ Realizado al final de la Master Class, ganaron nuestro nuevo curso de APARATOLOGÍA.
Después de este curso on line, los resultados de tus tratamientos serán mucho mejores, ¡aprenderás de cero a avanzado!

✅ Conoce desde evaluar a tu cliente para tratamientos de grasa localizada, celulitis y flacidez hasta los parámetros que debes utilizar en los aparatos de:

• Cavitación/Ultrasonido.
• Radio frecuencia
• Electrolipólisis
• Microcorrientes
• Endermología
• Electroestimulación.

✅ Extra: Aprenderás a realizar asociaciones entre equipos para obtener los mejores resultados.

✅ Grabación de la clase: Cómo atraer más clientes a través de las redes sociales. Esta clase te ayudará a aprender cómo puedes publicar tus fotos de resultados, cómo hacer tus anuncios y cómo llamar la atención de tus clientes ideales. Eso ayudara a tener más clientes.

Who is
Manu Bernardi?

Manu is known as a professional in the aesthetic field counting with companies in Brazil, Mexico and UK.
With plenty of experience in the beauty area Manu developed a technique that would become very successful, the Manu Bernardi Lymphatic Drainage’s Method.

Instagram1: @manu_bernardi_academy
Instagram2: @mbernardi_aesthetic_training

Every day you increase the possibility of engaging more customers

Common Questions

Previous experience is not a requirement to take the course. However, keep in mind you must consider local or council laws for application of Lymphatic Drainage. In some countries you should comply with rules already stablished as having a Professional Certification in order to perform it.
As a brazilian company, we comply with local legislations and our courses are classified as ”extracurricular”.

This course is recommended for beauticians, cosmetologists, cosmeticians, physical therapists, nurses, doctors, health and wellness professionals.

Since you have enrolled yourself and your payment is concluded you will have 120 days to access your lessons and videos as much as you wish. After the mentioned period if you want to extend your access it will be necessary to renew your plan.
When you start our course you are considered a Student and you should be able to perform what you have learned as soon as you have completed all steps. You hold no certification in this case. You will be eligible for a Certificate of Attendance or Diploma.

When you have all videos completed you will automatically receive in your email a Diploma or Certificate of Attendance.
Once you have not completed all videos the system will not send you a Diploma. It is necessary go through all steps and videos.

You only can do it by yourself. There is no possibility of changing names after you have started the course.
When you have become our student you will find yourself complying with our company terms as our intellectual property terms.
We reserve all right of not accepting Company’s name enrollment and you must send us personal data. By not complying with it you could have your access denied.

We are a brazilian company.

When you register yourself inside our plataform be advised you are buying an international online service. You could probably be charged with local taxes after product price.
We do not make reimburse of taxes as it doens’t make part of our final product prices.

Any queries you may have about IVA or local charges you must find it with local authorities in person or through government websistes as some countries provide it very clear.

Specially in Argentina, the Administración Federal de Ingresos Público (AFIP) has advised that international purchases with debit or credit cards will be taxed later when your Card Operator send the bill.

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